About the Book

After a night out with friends, you come home around 10 p.m. – not late by any standards.

You follow the same routine.  You park your car, open the door to your apartment.  After you enter, you close the door and lock it as soon as you get in.

Then it happens.

Suddenly you feel the weight of something huge hit you and grab you from behind.  A leather glove covers your mouth, and before you can even process what’s happening, you are thrown to the floor.  A voice muffled by a ski mask says to do exactly as he says.  If you don’t he’s going to kill you.

In situations like these, most fights are lost before they have even been waged.  Though from an early age we have been taught the importance of essential life skills like reading and writing, the critical need for awareness of self-defense has been lost.

Welcome to Defend Yourself (no experience necessary):  Seven Basic Steps to Self-Protection and Empowerment.

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