Basic Self Defense Class, Wednesday June 10 @ 7pm

Calling all College Students, Stay at Home Moms, and Business Professionals!!

I will be hosting a Basic Self Defense Class, Wed.. June 10 @ 7pm at Kentucky Tae Kwon Do in Crestwood.  Cost is just : $30/person, or $25 per family member.

Don’t miss out!  No Experience Necessary  Call (502) 241-5910 to reserve your spot, or email us at


Have a child or family member going away for college?  Equip them with the knowledge and power in defending themselves.  The Perfect Girls Night Out.

Call and schedule your group’s 75 or 90 minute class now!

Call us at (502) 241-5910 and reserve your groups class



Kentucky TaeKwonDo & Fitness Academy, Inc. in Crestwood, will be hosting Level 1 (for beginners, no experience) and Level 2 (those who participated in a Level 1 class) seminars in July.

Level 1 will cover basic Awareness and Self-Protection Tips and will be held Wednesday July 9 @ 7:45pm.  This class will last approximately 75 minutes and the cost is $30/person or $50/pair.  Call 502-241-5910 to reserve your spot.

Level 2 will be held Tuesday, July 15 @ 7 p.m., and will last approximately 90 minutes.  Cost is also $30/person, or $50/pair.

Certificates of Completion will be given to all participants.  Don’t miss out!!

November/December: 2 Highest Crime Rate Months!!

Hello Friends,


I hope this finds you healthy and safe!  November & December have historically been two months with the highest crime rates, generally speaking.  This is due to the Holidays and people having more money in their pockets(shopping) and because of it getting darker much earlier in the day.  I know here in the Midwest, by 5:30 pm its dark!  So, if you combine these two factors (darkness & money in people’s pockets) its the perfect time to heighten your AWARENESS!!

Don’t forget to schedule your own friend/family Self-Defense Outing!!! Email us or call us at (502) 241-5910

Be Safe


Hello Everyone, I hope this message finds you well and safe!  My individual training classes are filling fast.  Call the Academy at (502) 241-5910 to schedule your own class and training seminar.  You may choose to participate with your family or friends; no uniforms, no breaking boards, just raw self-defense!

Schedule Your Own Private Self-Defense Seminar!!

This is something new we decided to offer due to popular demand.  Bring a group of your closest friends and family and we will give you your own private self-defense seminar.  No  gimmicks, no uniforms & belts, no breaking boards!  Just practical and proven self defense/awareness techniques that work! Call us at (502) 241-5910 to schedule your own seminar that’s Safe, Fun, and Easy to Learn!


Yes, I know what your thinking, “Sean, Zombies….Really?”  Well, if you didn’t know it by now I am a HUGE Walking Dead fan.  (By the way, season premier is Feb. 10. Just two days after the release of my 2nd book!)  So in light of this Zombie craze, I figured I would write a book, um, just in case a Zombie Apocalypse occurs!  Pick it up Feb. 08th, on this website( just click on the cover of the book you would like) or order through Amazon or Kindle.  Be Safe my friends!

Press Release – Nov. 26, 2012


A portion of proceeds from “Defend Yourself (No Experience Necessary)”
Will be donated to Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund

November 26, 2012 – San Francisco, CA – USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee and former “The Bachelorette” contestant Sean Ramey has announced the pending release of a new book, “Defend Yourself (No Experience Necessary),” which will debut in December.
According to Ramey, “Defend Yourself” contains seven basic steps to self-protection, providing readers with a fundamental understanding of what to do if they are ever caught in a life-threatening situation.

“I’m obviously not the first author to take on this subject,” Ramey said. “But my observation has been that most self-defense systems are too complicated and systematized for the average person, who has neither the means nor the desire to practice martial arts several times a week.”

Ramey owns and operates Kentucky Tae Kwon Do & Fitness Academy in Crestwood, KY, and is a sought-after public speaker. He said his goal in writing the book was to reach beyond the boundaries of his immediate community to empower readers with the skills he teaches daily.

“I wanted to talk to the college student, the stay-at-home-mom, and the business professional,” he said. “Everyone – regardless of age, gender, size or athletic ability — should be able to walk confidently in the world knowing they’re armed with these fundamental survival skills.”

Ramey, who lives in his native Kentucky with his wife and young daughter, also announced that 20 percent of all proceeds from the book will be donated to the Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund, an organization that helps children whose parents lost their lives in wars overseas.

Ramey, who began studying Tae Kwon Do at the age of 9, has won more collegiate, state,
national and international Tae Kwon Do titles than anyone in Kentucky history. However, he is perhaps best known to America as a contestant on Season 4 of “The Bachelorette.” In one memorable scene, Ramey – a sixth-degree black belt – kicked a lemon off the head of eventual winner Jesse Csinscsak’s head while blindfolded.

“Defend Yourself (No Experience Necessary)” will be published in print ($12.99) and digital ($9.99) formats.

To learn more about Ramey and “Defend Yourself (No Experience Necessary),” please visit Fans can follow Ramey via Twitter (@theseanramey). He can be
contacted via email at

Jesse Csincsak