Author, Sean Ramey

Hi, I’m Sean Ramey, author and creator of Defend Yourself – A Basic Guide to Self-Defense.  Defend Yourself is a program I developed to help those — regardless of age, gender, size, or athletic ability — defend themselves in threatening situations. Many self-defense systems are too complicated and too systematized for the average person, who neither has the means or desire to practice martial arts several times per week.

By writing this book, I am hoping to reach beyond the boundaries of my community to help citizens learn basic self defense survival skills.  Whether you are a college student, stay at home mom, or the business professional, basic self-defense should be essential. Why do we teach our children the importance of eating, walking, and reading, but we neglect to teach them the importance of potentially life saving skills? Defend Yourself – A Basic Guide to Self-Defense gives people quick tips on what to do if faced with life or death situations.

Thank you, and remember to always Be Safe & Be Aware.


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